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Maintenance of CNC machine details and methods

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      Want to make our use of CNC feeder to achieve its normal life expectancy we should do a good job of maintenance sawing saws. Many users do not understand how to maintain feeder, here Sai Cheng Yi Gao for you to maintain CNC feeder details and methods:


      1、Dust. If the dust into the interior of the device is likely to affect the production of CNC machine opener

      Do a good job on the numerical control feeder table and various parts of the dust removal work. Once the dust into the interior of the device, it will cause great troubles to the device, affecting the normal use of equipment, affecting production efficiency. So in daily use must be done on the machine table and the surface of the cabinet and other clean, good cleaning.

      To CNC opener rust-proof work well. Once the equipment is rusty, some components will be aged and other problems, so that the working efficiency of the CNC opening machine to reduce, so the equipment must be regularly applied anti-rust oil, so as not to rust the equipment.



      Some often overlooked because of the busy NC feeding machine oiling problems, some because of the seasonal reasons the equipment for several days or even a few, do not pay attention to the equipment oil. Experience tells us that oiling plays an important role in CNC machine maintenance, the correct approach is:

      1、Clean the rails and lead screw, can be used cloth (not off) to guide the grease and material on the lead screw clean up.

      2、The fueling period is twice a month, that is, every two times.

      3、If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled regularly to ensure the transmission system is flexible.

      4、Add oil slowly back and forth after the move to ensure that lubricants can be evenly added to the rail and lead screw.


      Maintenance process but also do a good job CNC gear feeder lubrication work. When the equipment is running, if the equipment transmission runs poorly, it will lead to uneven feeding of the equipment and affect the quality of the unloading, which will affect the industrial production to a certain extent. Therefore, it is very important to lubricate the equipment transmission during routine maintenance.


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