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NC opening machine routine maintenance

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      A lot of newbies are not very familiar with the CNC feeder, as the saying goes: seven maintenance of three-point repair, panel furniture feeder maintenance is very important! Most of the old users of the feeder are aware of this concept, the feeder is the same as the car , But also maintenance is greater than maintenance. Today race Cheng Yi high for everyone to look at the CNC machine daily maintenance and maintenance and a detail Note:

      一、NC opening machine cleaning

      In the maintenance of CNC cutting machine when the customer found: Most users do not use the machine after the opening timely cleaning, in fact, the cleaning work is very important.

      1.After the processing, it is necessary to promptly clean the table and bare electrical accessories on the dust, sawdust, etc., to keep the table and machine cleanliness.

      2.Regularly clean the rails, rack, slide debris stains to prevent debris interference caused the machine in the course of problems.

      3.Regular cleaning engraving machine screw to prevent sticking foreign bodies on the screw. Screw in the equipment determines the accuracy of the machine, and screw in the transmission process also plays an important role.

      4.Clean the electrical box on a regular basis, dust is the biggest killer circuit board, a little dust will lead to the operation of the circuit board at the problem, it is prone to breakpoints, running around and so on.

      二、NC opening machine lubrication

      Some customers often neglect the problem of refueling because of heavy workload. Some customers do not work for several days or even weeks because of seasonal reasons, nor do they pay attention to the equipment oiling work. Work experience tells us that oiling plays an important role in the maintenance of CNC feeder, the correct approach is:

      1.Clean the rails and lead screw, available cloth (no hair removal) to grease and debris on the guide rail and screw away.

      2.Refueling cycle twice a month, that is, once every two weeks oil.

      3.If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

      4.Add oil slowly back and forth after the move to ensure that lubricants can be evenly added to the rail and lead screw.

      The above is the CNC feeder machine daily maintenance and maintenance of the focus, customers in the daily use, pay attention to the specific circumstances of the reasonable maintenance, to avoid the occurrence of failures, as well as extending the processing equipment life.


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