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Panel furniture production line CNC cutting machine

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      The panel furniture production line is composed of a variety of numerical control equipment such as numerical control opener, edge banding machine and numerical control drilling center, which can fully design and produce panel furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets. With a special dismantling orders and production automation software. Today we make a brief introduction of some superior performance of the panel furniture production line.


      The first panel furniture production line with a store dedicated cabinets, wardrobe and other design modules, the software features a combination of explosion window, the customer can see the design results directly at the store, saving the rush to see the factory time;

      Second, the store orders, through the computer network data directly back to the factory, from the order to the design, and automatically generate CNC machining bar code, to the factory automatically generated cutting list, and accurate calculation of the remaining inventory;

      Thirdly, according to the generated cutting list, the sheet material is cut by CNC opener, and the sheet is automatically conveyed through the loading and unloading process.

      Fourth, by scanning the bar code into the CNC drilling process, drilling holes for hardware installation holes, and then through the edge banding machine for all face Edge. In this way the various components of the cabinet that is cutting processing, packaging and packing. To the customer location, open the package according to the corresponding bar code, can be combined. Very simple and quick.


      This is the production of panel furniture production advantages and performance, high efficiency, precision is the most important feature of CNC machining machinery. That is to fundamentally save the cost of production, but also to better improve the processing efficiency and quality.


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