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Plate-type furniture production line cutting machine

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      With the decoration of personalized decoration, as well as simplistic home life, fashion, plate furniture become the new darling of home now. The homegrown plate furniture production line has also become the main production equipment for furniture enterprises. In the furniture production line in the NC feeder is the most important, the feeder is a large cutter supplies, in its carving process, we must pay attention to whether the tool is worn, whether it needs to be replaced. Because replacement is not timely will greatly affect the carving efficiency and quality. But many knives are very expensive, it is impossible to replace them scrapped. Certainly do not want to maximize the value of the knife to extend the life of the tool. Therefore, this requires us to make a reasonable distinction between the tool what count wear and tear, those times need to be replaced.


      Cutting machine cutting tool in the cutting process, the tool rake face and flanks often in contact with the chip workpiece, resulting in severe friction, high temperature, pressure, etc., so the front and back face is the most easily worn.

      1、Rake wear plastic cutting material, the chip and the rake face contact with each other to form the crater wear-based.

      2、Flank wear cutting brittle material, the chip and the rake face contact length is short, and the relative blade blunt round the flank wear larger

      3、When the boundary wear and tear cutting steel, often in the main cutting edge near the workpiece skin and vice cutting edge near the tip of the flank, grinding deep groove.


      These are the most common forms of tool wear for CNC opener in panel furniture production lines. However, due to the different materials used by the customers in their daily processing, the wear patterns on the tools are also different, which requires the customer to constantly observe To sum up, a long time to understand how to judge the degree of tool wear.

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