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CNC open feeder out of the plate collapse solve?

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      Some manufacturers in the use of CNC cutting machine when processing some of the plates often encounter a wide range of problems, such as the use of the material processing machine out of the plate collapse of the situation. So what is the cause of this problem? There are some good ways to avoid such problems. Next, we will discuss with Sai Cheng Yi Gao.


      一、Plate material:

      In the production of materials used in the MDF and particleboard. These two kinds of plate hardness is relatively high, but due to low cost and easy processing and other reasons are widely used plate furniture production. But the two plates have the same drawback, that is, both plates are made of compressed, meaning that they are not an overall bond strength is not strong, when the material is easy to chipping edge.


      The choice of plate may make us unable to change, but we can choose a good CNC woodworking feeder, drip machine CNC sanding machine, the collapse of the main situation in the table saw and poor quality of the feeder, Dripping machinery NC feeder will not occur because of the collapse of the equipment causes.

      二、Sharpness of the tool

      CNC woodworking feeder is expected to use the tool to open the material, the sharpness of the tool directly affects the rough surface of the opening degree. If the sharpness of the tool is not strong, then out of the plate there will be chipping, cutting tools in the case of bad conditions is not recommended to open too fast.


      Try to choose a good quality tool, once the occurrence of chipping in the process of occurrence, we must immediately stop working to replace the tool.


      三、Spindle speed

      Sharpness with the knife is the same truth, if the spindle speed is not enough, then out of the plate is very likely to chipping.


      Adjust the high speed spindle, but need to pay attention to not affect the scope of use of the tool to adjust.

      四、Tool clamping is not strong

      Tool clamping is not strong, in the process of processing products will cause the plate chipping and cutting tool damage.

      The solution: the tool fixed

      五、Poor vacuum adsorption

      Some bailing machine manufacturers produce feeder its vacuum adsorption countertops adsorption capacity is not very strong, CNC woodworking opener machining products when the workpiece adsorption is not reliable, resulting in plate displacement, which is also caused by the plate chipping the reason.


      The above is the CNC Chuodai machine in the collapse of the edge of the solution, you learned through the introduction of how much? If the use of the process of problems must be timely maintenance, to avoid affecting the construction period. Since its establishment, Jinan Sai Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. has introduced more than ten models of CNC engraving and machining centers, CNC machining centers, carving engraving and milling centers, and solid wood machining centers. Now my company has become a famous professional supplier of woodworking machining centers.

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