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CNC opener in the panel furniture production line

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      Now the development of the furniture market is more and more, and "custom" has become a trend now, more and more furniture in the furniture in people's life, the furniture production line has also mushroomed, efficient Processing methods, not only can improve the processing speed, but also to provide better processing quality. In the panel furniture production line in CNC cutting machine is the core of science and technology. It directly determines the processing precision and quality of the panel furniture. So in the daily operation of the process, how should safe operation?


      First of all, the gas used by the numerical control opener and the parts of the various components that make up the CNC opener must be carried out according to the standards issued by the relevant state departments. Do not use parts that do not meet safety standards to cause dangerous events.


      Second, the CNC feeder should be thoroughly examined before use, if it is found that any unreasonable place can not be switched on, it must be repaired to ensure that the NC feeder without any safety problems before starting operating.

      Finally, the NC feeder in the power of the work process, can not be disassembled parts, in order to avoid electric shock accident. In addition CNC feeder machine in the normal course of work, if the free disassembly of parts, but also lead to serious equipment failure or even can not be used.


      The above is the CNC opener operation and precautions in the daily use of the process, the customer must strictly abide by the provisions of the operation, so whether it is plate furniture production line, NC feeder, cabinet door production line, solid wood processing center Dengdu In the safe use of the process to better improve production efficiency.

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