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YiGao CNC panel furniture production line members of the int

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  YiGao numerical control panel furniture production line can order hybrid production, improve the utilization of sheet metal, the production line by dismantling a single software, CNC open feeder, laser drilling machine, automatic edge banding machine and other equipment, can be wardrobe, cabinets and other furniture Fully automated design and production. Equipment is easy to learn, low requirements for users, after a simple study can be fully operational. Below, on the members of the introduction:


  Demolition of a single software:

  Smart Demount Software is a highly modular, integrated software designed for the wardrobe closet manufacturer to accommodate the needs of any size enterprise, from design to production, from store to factory, and from front-end to back-end. Software includes precision design, automatic disassembly, can only optimize layout and automatic speech device access and generate processing code four modules.


  1.Can be disassembled quickly and accurately, the design at the same time to achieve automatic and accurate dismantling single, do not need human intervention.

  2.With exceptionally high sheet utilization, even irregularly shaped sheets can be accurately budgeted and aligned in the software's optimized layout module.

  3.Seamless docking CNC equipment.

  4.Design process synchronization automatically generate quotations and price list, according to the need to choose the standard pricing and pricing.

  NC opening machine:

  Mainly applicable to: cabinets wardrobe industry, woodworking industry, custom panel furniture industry.


  1.Will be automatically labeled, automatic loading and unloading, opening expected, drilling, cutting, automatic cutting the perfect integration of one, the process without interruption, to maximize efficiency, strong compatibility with a variety of dismantling a single software seamless docking.

  2.Automatic loading and unloading, dust removal, positioning system can reduce labor costs, work intensity, but also improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

  3.The whole patented design structure, with pusher and dust removal equipment, can be truly automated continuous work.

  4.Automatic labeling and sheet metal processing can be carried out at the same time, saving time and efficient automatic labeling matching a variety of labeling methods, can completely avoid the automatic labeling process may appear various accidents and mistakes.

  5.The traditional feeder can open up to 50 plates a day at most, and now the feeder can now open 60-80 plates according to eight hours a day. The easy feeder with automatic loading and unloading function can open materials in one day About 100 sheets.


  Laser side punch:

  For furniture design and development, suitable for all kinds of cabinets wardrobe, panel furniture design.


  1.Simple operation, you can once a workpiece clamping automatically achieve five holes and slotted cutting process.

  2.The use of four-zone work area, can be processed at the same time four different sizes of plates, double the production efficiency.

  3.Body with heavy steel structure, manufacturing precision is very high.

  4.Can be positioned by laser scanning, without scanning code.

  5.Can support a variety of panel furniture design and production software.

  Automatic edge banding machine:

  Mainly used for plate furniture edge banding.


  1.The use of hook-type tank chain completely solve the short edge of the seal caused by running the title.

  2.Belt-type pressure device, pressure plate is stable and reliable.

  3.Can be equipped with plate preheating device, when the indoor temperature is too low, through the sheet edge heating, to solve the problem with the edge banding paste is not solid.


  The above is a simple panel furniture production line members, equipment, automatic loading and unloading, which can effectively reduce labor costs, to avoid potential safety problems, eliminating the need to adjust the length of the tape, trimming, punching, cutting one-off with over effectiveness.

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