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CNC machine expected to appear the following questions do no

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  Woodworking machinery and equipment in the operation process, can not avoid wear and failure, which are normal phenomenon, in fact, some problems we can solve, CNC feeder machine do not have the following problems do not worry, easy to tell you how to solve CNC .


  一、CNC machine feeding alarm alarm overtravel alarm, said the machine has reached the limit position during operation, according to the following steps to check:

  1.The design of the graphics size is beyond the scope of processing.

  2.Check the machine motor shaft and screw connection is loose, if loose, please tighten the screw.

  3.The machine and computer are properly grounded.

  4.Whether the current coordinate value is beyond the software limit value range.

  5.When NC overturn alarm and overrun are cleared, all motion axes are automatically set in JOG mode. Press and hold the manual direction key to resume the connection at any time when the machine leaves the limit position Exercise status. Pay attention to the direction of movement when moving the table and must be away from extreme positions.

  二、NC feeder machine non-alarm failure

  1.Repeat processing accuracy is not enough, according to the first two check.

  2.Computer running, the machine does not move, check the computer control card and the electrical box connector is loose, if loose, tight, and tighten the set screws.

  3.The machine can not find the signal when it comes back to the mechanical origin, and check it according to Article 2. Proximity switch failure at mechanical origin.


  三、NC feeder machine output failure

  1.Do not output, please check whether the computer and the control box are connected well.

  2.Open the manager's settings to see if the space is full, delete the unused files in the manager.

  3.Whether the signal line is loose, carefully check whether the lines are connected.

  四、CNC feeder expected to open material failure

  1.Whether the various parts of the screw loose.

  2.Check that you are working on the correct path.

  3.Whether the file is too large computer processing error.

  4.Increase or decrease the spindle speed, to adapt to different materials (usually 8000-24000)! Note: CVT spindle idle speed can be 6000-24000 speed range. According to the different hardness of the material, processing quality requirements and the amount of feed size and other factors choose the appropriate speed, the general hard material, small amount of feed, the fine selection of high-speed, under normal circumstances, do not transfer the speed to the highest, in order to avoid motor overload.

  5.Loosen the knife chuck, turn the knife in a direction of clamping, the knife put right, so as not to sculpt the object is not smooth.

  6.Check whether the tool is damaged, put on a new knife, re-opened.


  The above CNC machine feeder failure by observation and inspection can analyze the problem, so the above problems do not panic, as long as the method provided by the ECO can be a good solution, if there is no solution to the problem, or in the process of using There will be no place to operate, we can feel free to contact us, professional and technical staff will do for you to provide detailed guidance.

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