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YiGao CNC opener safe operating procedures

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  In order to better work safety for workers, easy to high CNC wrote the following safe operation of the opener, hope every furniture factory can pay attention to allow workers to work safely.


  1、Operators must be trained, after passing the examination, can carry out the post operation, non-professional staff is strictly prohibited.

  2、heck the machine before operation is complete equipment parts, the power switch is intact, the line is off, broken skin image and other anomalies.

  3、Work site should be clean, more than expected, oil, water should be promptly removed. Workpieces and materials must not be misplaced, so as not to hinder the operation and block the passage. Tools and fixtures must be well-placed and placed where required. Do not place tools, workpieces and other objects on the workbench.

  4、The operator shall not adjust the overflow valve fixed on the block of oil which has been correctly set by the factory to avoid setting the pressure too high and damaging the oil system. Avoid overloading to avoid damaging the machine.

  5、Tools and workpieces must be correctly and firmly installed. Replace the new knife, such as height is not the same, according to the set method to reset.

  6、When operating, the hand must leave the knife or pad and the operator should stand in a safe place.

  7、Production process, when the equipment fails, it should be shut down immediately by the mechanic overhaul before continuing operation.

  8、If the operator temporarily leaves the work place, please be sure to turn off the motor.

  9、After the operation is finished, the power of the machine should be cut off, and the equipment should be inspected, wiped and maintained.

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