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YiGao CNC high-YG-X6 opening machine introduced

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          Application range

      Woodworking industry: furniture decoration, musical instruments manufacturing, wooden crafts, flat sculpture plate, solid wood furniture, MDF Mianqi doors, composite doors, cabinets, wardrobes, window doors, nightstands.

      Decoration industry: art models, art murals, screen relief carving and cutting, decoration processing, gift packs, wave boards, electrical countertops, sporting goods and other wood products.



      Equipped with computer optimization layout software, save plate, improve utilization.

      The whole process of numerical control, reducing the professional and technical personnel requirements.

      Simple operation, one day training can be posts.

      Improve work efficiency, the Japanese cut up to 40-50 sheets.

      Shaped cutting, without drawing.

      Cabinet wardrobe drilling, slotting, cutting and other functions.

      Significantly reduce the risk of injury, sustainable and safe production.

      Feeding plate without trial equipment. Accuracy guarantee zero error.


          core advantages

      Function: The product is used for CNC opening machine, engraving, milling, cutting, pouring and so on.

      Structure: The fuselage is made of high-strength thick-walled steel pipe welded by blasting aging sandblasting, structural stability, accuracy assurance.

      Accuracy: excellent accessories, sophisticated inspection device, so that products get the perfect positioning and operating accuracy.

      High-speed: High-speed servo motor, high torque, high kinetic energy, X-axis dual motor drive, smooth operation, high efficiency.

      Countertops: Countertop multi-point adsorption design, multi-slot suction, can strongly adsorb different sizes of plates, large and small plates can be adsorbed.


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