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How to choose a professional feeder manufacturers

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  Jinan plate furniture manufacturers more and more employers, but the scale and production capacity is far cry from this phenomenon, Jinan Sai Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. visited several manufacturers use NC opening machine equipment, these users In some larger processing scale, and some are still in the use of the original three samples of processing equipment in the state, presumably every boss knows the benefits of feeder, save material, save labor, save costs, good management, processing speed Fast, high processing efficiency, high precision, shaped processing easy to get. So, how to choose a responsible and professional CNC feeder machine manufacturers, the following easy to do for you a comprehensive CNC high-quality answers.


  In Jinan, do a lot of brands of CNC equipment, such as easy to high NC, Star, veins and other large and small, there are more than 100 manufacturers to open feeder, then these feeder is what is divided by model? How to solve the customer's problem? Many customers have great doubts about this, in fact, CNC machine is expected to open the main machine by the difference between the head structure to determine what kind of model. Jinan opening machine head structure difference are: double-spindle plus row package, a tool change spindle with a library, a tool change spindle with a row of drill package, four spindles, three spindle The main types of nose structure, not the same nose structure, focusing on the process will be different.

  Double spindle plus row drilling, mainly used to process cabinets cabinets cabinets and other cabinet furniture, a tool spindle with a knife magazine is mainly used to process a variety of plastic door, a tool spindle with a row of drilling The package belongs to the woodworking equipment all-round machine. Although many CNC brands in Jinan, but as long as you look carefully, head structure are generally these kind of.


  Advise customers from the following aspects to choose NC feeder machine manufacturers:

  1.Inspect whether the strength of manufacturers

  Investigate whether the manufacturers really have their own independent research and development staff, feeder is developed or imitation of their own, there is no formal machine drawings. With the increasing popularity of machinery nowadays, more and more people use machinery instead of manpower, which requires that the technology of a factory must be perfect, constantly updated and constantly improved. Like some small factories claim to be able to do, but in fact even a sample can not be provided to the customer site, such machinery customers buy back like a pile of scrap iron, there is no way to create value for customers.

  2.Check equipment installation is standard

  CNC cutting machine its working methods are high-speed cutting, the accuracy and stability of the machine is demanding. And to ensure that these two crucial steps is assembly. Imagine, when the assembly, if the track are not loaded level, the rack is not installed, from the appearance of what looks the same and what is the use of such a machine simply can not use.

  3.Inspect whether manufacturers have experience

  There are a large number of mature customer use cases: to the customer factory inspection better than the machine manufacturer. Because this can see the entire production process. Understand the machine in the actual production process there is no problem.


  Through the above three aspects, you can CNC machine manufacturers have an accurate understanding, if you still do not know how to choose, the easiest way is to visit Jinan Seiki Machinery Co., Ltd., we will send the relevant technical staff from start to finish Tail for you to do the most comprehensive and detailed analysis and explain really solve your doubts.

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