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Yi Gao CNC solid wood products processing center

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  Jinan Sai Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. solid wood products processing center by the opening machine, solid wood door machining centers, long cylindrical engraving machine, long flat embossing machine, automatic drilling machines and other equipment.

  Machining Center Description:

  ◇Scope of application: solid wood assembly doors, solid wood cabinet doors, solid wood wardrobe doors, solid wood frame cabinet, solid wood retaining wall;

  ◇ Wood jamb horizontal, vertical transom door core type milling, drilling;

  ◇CNC precision machining, simple man-machine operation, reducing the requirements of technical professionals;

  ◇ Spindle double-spindle milling, durable, no chipping;

  ◇ Four-station group processing, the maximum length of 2400mm;

  ◇ Multi-point positioning, pneumatic press plate fixed to ensure processing accuracy.


Yi Gao CNC solid wood products processing center introduced

  Drilling Machine Description:

  ◇ Rack structure for the plate after laser cutting, frame welding and annealing, equipment rack high strength, good stability.

  ◇ The main functions include: glue welt, Qi Qi, rough repair, intensive repair, tracking trimming, scraping, side holes, polishing.

  ◇ The use of special CNC automatic edge banding system, the core components of Japan Keefers programmable controller with Taiwan Wei Lun Tong touch screen, the operation is more simple, more stable equipment.

  ◇ High-performance inverter, high-frequency electronic anti-jamming system.

  ◇ Domestic high-performance 2.2KW air-cooled spindle, the edge tracking drilling, higher processing efficiency, smooth operation, give full play to the advantages of high-speed machine.

  ◇ Japan's Yasukawa servo drive system imported, torque, fast, and to ensure that the accuracy of tracking drilling higher, more stable performance.

  ◇ Patent design horizontal hole detection device, with dust and pollution prevention features to ensure the accuracy of horizontal hole detection, to avoid the impact of sawdust on the stability of drilling.

  ◇ Drilling mode: normal horizontal hole, pin hole.

Yi Gao CNC solid wood products processing center introduced


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