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Yi Gao CNC panel furniture production line

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  Easy high numerical control panel furniture production line by the cabinet door processing center, slotted feeder, row hole machine, single arm Lou milling center, side hole machine and other equipment.

  It is controlled by the software developed by Yi Gao. The production system is designed for the vertical drilling, drawing and cutting rectangle on the plate according to the dimensional change of the customized furniture industry, the diversity of shaped plates, and the advantages of the contour cutting of the engraving machine , Shaped production model developed by the software system.

  The system can be mixed orders, intelligent and efficient software layout, improve sheet utilization. Automatic loading and unloading equipment, reduce labor costs and avoid potential safety problems. Can be positive drilling, grooving, cutting, hollowing, milling, etc. to meet the needs of special-shaped processing. Eliminate the need to adjust the ruler, the length of the ruler, trimming, punching, cutting with a one-off to improve efficiency. The system is easy to learn and has low user requirements.

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