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Door industry for the cabinet door sliding door

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  In order to follow the pace of social development and speed up the overall production efficiency of furniture factory, Jinan Seiki Machinery Co., Ltd. for the cabinet door sliding door industry developed a professional production line. Including screw machine automatic loading and unloading processing center, cabinet door processing center, intelligent multi-process feeder, laminating machine, grinding machine and so on.


  Independent research and development of cabinets, closet door production software, parametric design models, intelligent changes in size, CAD drawings automatically import, Excel table format operation input production data, office clerks can operate, automatically optimize the layout, improve sheet utilization, label printing , Let the production process more standardized.


  No manual push table saw, no professional carpenter, no professional cartographer, as long as ordinary workers can quickly grasp after a simple study, is the production of cabinet doors, sliding door production industry preferred equipment.


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