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Demolition of a single piece of software the furniture

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  With the rapid development of Jinan, the production line of panel furniture is getting higher and higher in many furniture industries. Good equipment can not do without a good software system, demolition of a single piece of software in the furniture production line occupies a very important position, the following, take a look at the easy to use high-tech CNC equipment, the software used by the advantages of it.


  The software for the custom furniture industry product size changes, the diversity of shaped plates, combined with the advantages of engraving machine shaped cutting, the implementation of the vertical drilling on the plate, the slot and cutting rectangular, shaped production model developed software system. Furniture design disassembly single software is mainly with the plate furniture production line of a set of high intelligence software, through the intelligent module for accurate calculations, and then access and production and processing of bar codes, etc., to automatically open the opening, edge banding, drilling, quotations, materials Cost list and so on. Realized the precise production, effectively improve efficiency; reduce the artificial dependence; to achieve customized orders, large-scale production.


  The software can be mixed production orders, intelligent and efficient software layout, improve sheet utilization. Automatic loading and unloading equipment, reduce labor costs and avoid potential safety problems. Can be positive drilling, grooving, cutting, hollowing, milling, etc. to meet the needs of special-shaped processing. Eliminate the need to adjust the ruler, the length of the ruler, trimming, punching, cutting with a one-off to improve efficiency. The system is easy to learn and has low user requirements.


  High intelligent panel furniture production line demolition single software Although powerful, but easy to learn, is a highly intelligent fool-style software. Easy to use high numerical control are the R & D team for many years through R & D testing, optimization of integrated modules, combined with automated production equipment, from design to production enterprises, from the storefront to the factory orders and processing required.


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