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Panel furniture production line maintenance greatly

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  Car maintenance can be used to enhance the performance of the car, plate furniture production line is also the same, do a good job of maintenance can greatly extend the service life of the equipment does not require a particularly complicated process, as long as the intention to focus on, you can, the following, Co., Ltd. to introduce how to do a good job of maintenance work.


  First, the maintenance of the machine

  Want to plate furniture production line parts always uphold the good condition, insist on regular maintenance is very important, you can put a lot of failure in the germination of danger eliminated, to avoid the occurrence of a vicious accident. Different types of panel furniture production line routine maintenance content requirements are not exactly the same, but in general includes the following aspects:

  Adhere to the smooth condition, regular inspection, cleaning the screw, add or replace grease, so that screw, nut and other sports sites always adhere to the outstanding smooth condition, in order to reduce the wear rate of machinery.

  Machine maintenance list: According to the serial number check cycle, equipment parts.

  1.Panel furniture production line countertops cleaning every day to clear the trash;

  2.Check whether the cables are tightened daily or not for damage.

  3.Control box to check the control box fan wind, whether there is overheating;

  4.Clean the screw every week after the oil;

  5.Check the computer from time to time to do a virus-killing disk cleaning;

  6.From time to time to see the screw thread screw fastening, screw is damaged;

  Second, the computer, control box maintenance

  Computer and control box if too dirty, too much dust, will affect the normal operation of panel furniture production line. Too much dust in the computer case may burn the computer's interface card, rendering the control panel unusable;

  Control box is too dirty, there may be a short circuit phenomenon burn the drive. To regular cleaning, adhere to the motherboard and various types of card ventilation dull.


  Third, the spindle motor maintenance

  In order to use a longer and more stable spindle motor, the following points should be noted:

  1.Timing refueling, insist bearing smooth.

  2.Do not have water into the motor.

  3.Insist on bearing cleaning.

  4.Do not operate at high speed and strong resistance for a long time.


  Do the above maintenance work, you can greatly extend the life of the plate furniture production line, so that equipment is more stable and efficient work for you to complete, easy to high NC is willing to do for you technical support, so that you are even more powerful in the production process, if you Have any technical problems, please feel free to call us!

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