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In 2018, the Taiwan saw has been gradually CNC

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  In 2018, the major furniture factories after the EIA have started to regulate more and more, pushing the table saw has slowly withdrawn from the stage, more and more furniture factory began to choose a more efficient CNC machine, why CNC material Function to the absolute advantage of a place in the furniture factory it, the following and easy to look at the NC together!


  CNC opening machine equipment features:

  1、Automatic loading and unloading, just move one person to operate, with the use of edge-sealing line, one person can complete all operations.

  2、High utilization of sheet metal, CNC sawing saws use milling cutter to open the material can be arbitrarily transferred direction, with the optimization software, combined layout layout utilization rate of 96%.

  3、Cutting tool costs are low, the sawing saws use a milling cutter, and the flakeboard 2400 meters does not collapse.

  4、Multi-function, can cut the profiled board on the line, continuous and stable work.

  5、User-friendly interface design, simple operation, ordinary people can complete the operation after a simple training without professional knowledge.

  6、Imported high-power automatic tool change spindle, servo motor imports and reducer and other imported parts and equipment, stable operation, processing speed.

  7、The use of encrypted vacuum adsorption countertops, can absorb different volumes of plate, the suction is very strong.

  8、Intelligent automatic oiling system, easy maintenance peace of mind.

  9、Automatic paste code to ensure that the package - a library - installation is correct.


  CNC machine compared to the advantages of table-driven saws

  Labor cost

  CNC feeding machine automatically loading and unloading, just move doll, a few people can operate several feeder, such as, according to each feeder 8 hours a day can be opened 100 board calculation, the wage by 3,000 yuan, The cost of each board about labor costs about 1 yuan.

  Traditional push table saw or electronic sawing sawing need two people to operate at the same time, pushing the table saw to open 60 boards a day, to open a master and monthly wage 5000 5000 calculation, total monthly salary of 8,000 yuan, each Board labor costs about 4.4 yuan.

  Sheet utilization

  CNC open feeder cut with a cutter, can be arbitrarily turn direction, with the professional development of the optimization of the nesting software, combined order optimization layout utilization can reach 96%, 100 yuan per board calculation, each board can save 8 yuan .

  Electric sawing saws and table saw sawing with the material, you must saw a start, the overall utilization of the plate is low, and manual calculation of layout, the highest utilization rate of 85%.

  Tool costs

  CNC cutting machine with a cutter, the ordinary tool for 12 yuan / branch, each opening of particle board 1,500 meters does not collapse, about 30, each board about knife costs 0.4 yuan.

  Electric sawing saws and table saw saw blades, saw blade costs about 1.5 yuan per plate.

  Other advantages

  1、CNC cutting machine can cut the opposite plate, and can be engraving, drilling, grooving, cutting a one-time finish, electronic sawing and table saw can only be straight and can not be expected。

  2、Automatic loading and unloading to reduce labor intensity, pushing table saw a day to open 50 plates, workers tired backache leg pain.

  3、CNC cutting machine is continuous when working, pushing the table saw palletizing push and stop, the workers spent time on the tune and move the board on the board.


  CNC opener not only advantages, the use of a very wide range can be used for custom plate furniture / cabinet doors / wardrobe doors and other products of the opening, punching, Pai groove and carving modeling use. 2018, is a year of change, seize the opportunity of the enterprise will have a new breakthrough, easy to high NC is willing to witness this moment with you, if you have woodworking machinery equipment related needs, please feel free to contact us.


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