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Yi Gao CNC feeder machine performance analysis

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  Many customers have not opened before the furniture factory in the face of how to distinguish between a variety of CNC feeder is very troublesome, because the type of CNC feeder machine has a lot of different equipment to adapt to different working scenarios, only to choose the right plant equipment In order to more effectively speed up the progress of work, the following, to introduce you to CNC high-performance CNC machine and the difference between different devices.


  Three-step or multi-process CNC feeder

  CNC multi-process feeder is a CNC opener economical opening equipment. Can be controlled by the program to complete automatic tool change, continuous operation of multi-channel process, the middle does not need to stop tool change. Spindle side by side mounted on the nose, tool change faster, high precision machining.

  And multi-process feeder is also more comprehensive function, both to do the opening of the plate furniture can also do cabinet door milling. Elcometer NC strictly in accordance with the heavy-duty machining center bed structure and configuration of production, and the only difference between the machining center is the nose machining part of the structure is different. In the performance also fully meet the level of carpentry processing center.

  8 hours a day, the normal production of 40-50 plates can be processed. This special model has been launched as a popular model, whether it is to start a factory just started or the old factory for many years for equipment are very suitable.

  Duplex CNC feeder

  Double-row row drilling machine is mainly used for CNC panel-making furniture, cutting the material can be completed playing vertical hole, pull the groove, open material and so on. Among all CNC opener types is the most productive one. The head of the unit has two air-cooled spindles with a 9-vertical row of drill bags. Two spindles can clamp cutter with different diameters, which are respectively used for pulling groove, opening material, pneumatic switch and changing tool more efficiently;

  Drilling rig can hold 9 different diameter drill bits, pneumatic switch, switching speed, and adjacent holes as long as the appropriate location, more than one bit can be drilled, multiple holes at one time, which have greatly improved the drilling efficiency , Thus improving the overall processing efficiency.

  Woodworking Machining Center

  Yi Gao NC Woodworking Machining Center is a multi-purpose CNC equipment for custom furniture production. Mainly used for cabinet doors, wooden doors milling carving; can also be used for plate production of furniture plate playing vertical hole, slotted, open material.

  Yi Gao CNC woodworking machining center spindle for high-power automatic tool change, and is equipped with a large capacity magazine, can be used to clamp more than the use of different tools, automatic control through the program to complete the different procedures for tool change. Compared with ordinary custom furniture and equipment has a great advantage!


  Plate furniture to do the material, cutting tools are consumables, generally about ten straight knife, you can cut about 20 MDF, particleboard cutting about 15, and poor quality of the sheet will increase the amount of impurities in the tool. The average feeder daily processing four or ten plates, the knife should change more than three times a day, delay time. Easy to use CNC machining center can be filled with tools in the magazine, you need to change the knife, you can automatically change the knife, thus improving the processing efficiency.

  And the machining center spindle power than single-head feeder spindle power to large, within the scope of the tool to withstand, the processing speed is faster. For heavy resistance cutting, engraving, but also handy.


  Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of CNC machine easy to start, if you want a better choice for your opening machine, you are welcome to come to our company on-site test at any time, professional and technical personnel will be You do the most scientific and comprehensive explanation.

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