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  • Warm congratulations on the official website

    inan Sai Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a plate furniture and solid wood furniture equipment research and development, production and sales as one of professional and technical enterprises. Over the years my company always adher...

  • Yi Gao CNC feeder machine performance analysis

    Many customers have not opened before the furniture factory in the face of how to distinguish between a variety of CNC feeder is very troublesome, because the type of CNC feeder machine has a lot of different equipment to adapt to different working sc...

  • In 2018, the Taiwan saw has been gradually CNC

    In 2018, the major furniture factories after the EIA have started to regulate more and more, pushing the table saw has slowly withdrawn from the stage, more and more furniture factory began to choose a more efficient CNC machine, why CNC material Func...

  • Panel furniture production line maintenance greatly

    Car maintenance can be used to enhance the performance of the car, plate furniture production line is also the same, do a good job of maintenance can greatly extend the service life of the equipment does not require a particularly complicated process,...

  • Demolition of a single piece of software the furniture

    随着济南地区的飞速发展, 板式家具生产线 在众多的家具行业中使用率越来越高。好的设备离不开好的软件系统,拆单软件在板式家具生产线中占有很重要的地位,下面,就一起看看...

  • Door industry for the cabinet door sliding door

    In order to follow the pace of social development and speed up the overall production efficiency of furniture factory, Jinan Seiki Machinery Co., Ltd. for the cabinet door sliding door industry developed a professional production line....