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 Business license posted on the project营业执照登载信息
 Registration Number91370104306836599K
 NameJinan SaiCheng Machinery Co., Ltd.
 ResidenceHuaiyin District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, Wu Jiabao Office Western King Shen Zhuang Village East 101
 Legal representative
 Registered capital (ten thousand yuan)51万
 Date of establishment2014-06-24
 Operating period2014-06-24 to No fixed deadline
 Business ScopeProduction and sales: CNC engraving machine, vacuum laminating machine, woodworking machinery; wholesale, retail: Wujinjiaodian, building materials, electronic products, decorative materials, waterproof materials, PVC membrane, electrical and mechanical equipment, clothing shoes and hats, furniture; import and export business . (According to the project to be approved, approved by the relevant departments before carrying out business activities)

The company promises: The above information is the unit according to the business license content truthfully released.

Company-made business license information disclosure form by the Shandong Business Network commodity trading regulatory service network.